My New Year Promise!

It’s that time of the year again. Just three more weeks to go and we will be in 2017. Every year, in December, I am forced to ask myself the same question; where did the year go, what did I accomplish this year, what did I learn! We blink, and the year is gone. Hard to believe.

Every year, I resolve to do something, usually something fancy but I only end up breaking my resolves. We all do that, don’t we. ‘Resolutions are meant to be broken;’ this is what I hear when I whine about not sticking to mine. I am yet to meet someone who, at the end of the year, would say that they have stuck to their resolution of the year gone by. Maybe resolutions are meant to be broken, we stick to them for a month or two and then off they go. This got me thinking. Instead of a breakable resolution, I am going to make an unbreakable promise to myself this year.

My promise to myself for the coming year is basic and very generic ‘Nischay Kar Apni Jeet Karoon.‘ Plain and simple. It’s a phrase from one of the religious hymns of the Sikhs and it means that ‘I will make up my mind and be a winner, at everything and everytime.’ Be it at work, at school, at home, in life, in the gym. Anywhere and everywhere. You get the drift.

This seemingly puts a lot of pressure on me and could be an energy-drain, but in reality it’s a simple tenet to live by and easy to follow. Do whatever you want to do, but put your heart and soul into it and come out a winner. Do not do anything half-heartedly. Most of us perform better under pressure, and this is pressure of a good kind. I am definitely one of those people who need a sword hanging on their head to get better results and personally I think this is much easier to stick on to rather than a simple and (seemingly easy) task of losing weight ( which tests your will power at an extreme level. )

In today’s struggle of finding a work-life balance, we must excel at everything we do any which way. So in a way, we are used to this difficult promise without even being aware of it. So Happy New Year 2017, all you lovely people and be the best you can in this new year. And don’t forget to spread some love in this wonderful world.

xoxo, the yoga cookie