Take wrong turns, talk to strangers!


Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Put the phone in your pocket. Take a long walk. Feel the cool breeze on your face. Look at the kids play. Hear them laugh. Laugh with them. Go out. Discover your own neighborhood. Go see how much it has changed. Meet a friend. From your childhood. Have a heart to heart.

Read a poem, not from google, but from a book. An old, musty, dog-eared book. See how gorgeous it feels in your hands. Scribble a note. Write a letter. To that one friend, who was not in touch. Talk about old times. The nostalgia. Bond.

Lose your phone. Get a map. Lose yourself in a new city. Appreciate the beauty around you. Learn love, learn to love. Give it away freely. Understand. Be sensitive. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be kind. Be free. Flow. Like the wind that blows through your hair.

Go see the moon. Go see the stars. Contemplate. Look at the vastness of the dark night sky. Go take that road. The one you never do. Step out of familiarity. Step out of your routine. Step out of your comfort zone. Get a reason to live. Go chase that reason.

Go search for a story. Your story. Your purpose. Go away, far far away. And come back, for the simple pleasure of that walk back home!

love, the yoga cookie xo


2 thoughts on “Take wrong turns, talk to strangers!

  1. Nothing replaces the beauty of an actual book – some things can’t be replaced no matter how much technology changes. ❤

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